Empowering digital innovation. Fast.

Our team of experts help you quickly shape your ideas into new viable, profitable and competitive digital solutions and services.

Why Us

We fuel your new opportunities

Successful innovation is the combining of great ideas with sustainable and profitable business models. But how do you know if an idea is a great idea? How do you know if it’s sustainable, profitable and scalable? 

It’s only when you evolve ideas into plans that you can answer these questions. Combining a well-formed digital strategy with knowledge and experience in the execution phase plays a fundamental role in the success of the solution designed. 

In our experience, companies face challenges when validating and rolling out digital ideas due to limited access to the required skills and expertise. Having access to experienced professionals who cover the full spectrum of disciplines and processes required speeds up and raises the quality of the outcomes. Time-to-market is one of the most crucial aspects for the predicted success of any innovation.

According to the BCG Global Innovation Survey, the top 2 obstacles for innovation performance are:

Take too long to develop ideas
Find it too hard to select the right ideas

Empower your ideas

You know your business and ideas better than anyone. We are the experts in creating applications that create great experiences and shape new business models. Imagine what we can create together!


We have deep experience in building a diverse set of applications and digital products for enterprise companies: customer-facing and employee-facing experiences, mobile applications for thousands of users, web portals, field service solutions, video conference-call powered use-cases, to name a few. Our solutions are designed on a foundation of decades of combined expertise in our team, ensuring we deliver robust and innovative applications and digital products to the market.



Using the low-code enterprise platform OutSystems, we can rapidly prototype any idea, creating Minimally Valuable Products (MVPs) that can be used to validate your concept and business model in the market. We do more than visual prototypes and build real apps, as we believe to validate you should see and experience the concepts.

Multi-talented team

PhoenixLabs has the team available with all the skills you need – UX designers, business consultants, systems architects, software engineers and industry specialists that know how to work in sync with your team.


What differentiates us is that we can take you beyond the prototype – delivering the solution we designed together, and evolve it with you as your market evolves. We can also help you to build your internal capability or upskill your team.

What We Do

Innovate effectively

In a collaborative process between business, strategy and technology we ensure that your ideas fit into the business strategy and that the business opportunities can be supported by technology capabilities and investments.


Select the best ideas in the Innovation Labs

We work with you to imagine what the future of your business will look like, and help you to shape the digital products that you can bring to your market, employees or other stakeholders.


Design the Digital Experience

We immerse ourselves into your business, users and personas to design a complete experience, considering the value added in each touchpoint in their journey. We create a full map of your solution and service design using a user-centric approach as well as industry benchmarking, research and strategic advisory.


Build the Business Case

To validate if the solution design is viable and the business model is profitable, we build a macro business case – projecting the revenue and costs for the business models, price and growth strategy.


UI & Prototype

Seeing is believing. Intuitive interfaces and easy navigability creates trust, loyalty and productivity. High-quality UI design is a key differentiator, reducing the time taken for adoption and training, as well as increasing user engagement. We deep-dive into your digital solution and your specific audience’s personas to design the best UI and prototype them to get real-world feedback and impact quickly. 


Solution Design & Delivery Plan

With our experience in creating enterprise applications and digital products, we design the solution delivery approach, roadmap, digital team structure and costs to keep your product evolving and growing.

Who we are

The experience you need to develop ideas that can grow fast and right

PhoenixLabs is the innovation incubator division of PhoenixDX, an award-winning digital transformation company specialising in custom application development for enterprise organisations.

We accelerate and simplify the process of going from idea to results, leveraging a combination of top talent, proven processes, and the OutSystems low-code platform. We deliver critical systems at a pace that solves your business problems, and fast.

We created PhoenixLabs to make it possible for enterprise organisations to innovate more effectively. We identify transformational opportunities, and develop and prototype digital ideas with a multidisciplinary team of business, technology, design and digital experience experts.